Western Hydroblasting
First-Of-Its-Kind Servicing Western Canada.

Western Hydroblasting Inc.

Western Hydroblasting, state-of-the-art Stripe Hog equipment, experienced operators, for your Hydro Eradication Projects.

• Thermoplastic and Line Painting Removal
• Airport Markings and Runway Rubber Removal
• Asphalt and Concrete Surface Preparation
• Curing Compound Removal
• Graffiti Paint Removal
• Bridge Deck Preparation
• Parking Stall Line Removal

Our SH8000 Stripe Hog offers leading edge technology in Ultra High Pressure (UHP) hydro-blasting. Our equipment is self-contained and simultaneously vacuum recovers blasted water and solid debris. Environmentally a good choice for all your removal needs.

Performing quality work with innovation and integrity.

Western Hydroblasting Inc.